You can obtain your very own confidential "Ticket Assessment," order or preview "One Million Reasons Not to Park There," a book that provides strategies, overviews, and anecdotes from over the years.

If you are wondering about some of the stories told in contesting citations, you can listen to my Voice-Overs of 18 domestic and international accents, just for fun, at the click of the button. Southern California features a diverse tapestry of culture and language, and the "experience" of the hearings are more authentically represented in the accents they were presented in.

The "Auto-Avenger" page features information about my patented anti-theft anti-carjacking device - "The Auto Avenger" – which was a revolutionary device at its time.

The Store hosts a variety of products that feature the fearsome skull and gavels "Fight To Win" logo, which you can proudly display on T-shirts, greeting cards, water bottles, or coffee cups. Order stickers, and paste them where you think they can get the most attention.

You are welcome to post your blog comments about your parking citation experiences – and the strategies that you used to win! I look forward to your comments and feedback as we grow this site.

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