The “Auto Avenger” is a patented anti-theft, anti-carjacking system developed by Mr. Kretzmar to help prevent car jacking.

After the car has been hijacked, the “Auto Avenger” safely shuts off the car engine, only after the brakes have been applied and the car comes to a full and complete stop. The engine is immobilized, and this event sets into play the following audio warning, “Get out of the car or you will get a 50,000 volt shock!” This warning encourages the carjacker to exit the vehicle or face the consequences - a non-lethal 50,000 volt electric shock sent through the car seats and into the thief’s posterior.

The jolt lasts for five seconds, when a second audible warning is heard.  Any person in the passenger seat gets it a similar jolt. One added feature to the system is a red smoke flare could be triggered to attract further attention to the vehicle.

The “Auto Avenger” has garnered significant national and international media attention.