WWW.FIGHTYOURCITE.COM is pledged to develop, maintain, and enforce high standards of ethical, professional practice. This Code of Ethics has evolved from my experience as a hearing examiner, consultant, executive and professional, and is intended to protect the interests of all those who come upon this site, and request its research service. In recognition of my obligation to live up the ideals as expressed in my logo of "FAIRNESS" and "INTEGRITY," I as a founding member of this site WWW.FIGHTYOURCITE.COM agree to comply with the following articles of this Code of Ethics:


The philosophy and purpose of WWW.FIGHTYOURCITE.COM is to render quality educational and professional service, providing to those that request it a "Citation Research Assessment," which is appropriate to the individual Citation, and the person requesting it. I consider myself to through my educational services to be an agent of planned change with the individuals, or organizations that I may help through service. My aim is to fulfill any research assignment with competence, objectivity, and integrity.


It is the policy of the WWW.FIGHTYOURCITE.COM to accept only those assignments and deliver assessments which I feel qualified to undertake on the basis of my ability, skill, and experience, and for which there is reason to believe that tangible research results can be obtained for the client. I will not accept any assignment to carry out the plans of others, made in advance of our research relationship, and with which I may disagree.


I will make certain that there is mutual understanding of the of the scope of the search engagement, as well as the basis for the research undertaken, before it is undertaken. purpose and scope fee, before it is to the client for


I will regard as confidential all information concerning your affairs which come to me in the course of this research engagement. I will not take personal, financial or other advantage of material or inside information which results from this relationship, nor will I provide the basis on which others might take such advantage. I will equally respect the confidence of other persons with whom I deal in the course of these web-based research activities. All communications from or about your situation will be handled with the utmost discretion.


I will not perform any research Assessment without making a charge in accordance with my normal research fee structure of $29.99 per assignment/citation. Regular billings or progress charges will be made during the course of any other additional assessments that will be undertaken, and only as mutually agreed upon.


I will not knowingly, at the same time, serve two or more entities who are directly competing with each other without informing one another of my research involvement.


I will strive to build a climate for professional cooperation with all who contact me via the site, striving to achieve a mutual sense of constructive participation, and accomplishment, by providing you with some research tools that you could utilize in the contest of a parking ticket citation. I will discuss with you via the research candidly and completely all the risks, limitations and anticipated outcomes of any contest under consideration. The rights of individuals and of any organizations will be protected by me in the course of fulfilling my research assignments.

Since one of my objectives is to enhance the effectiveness of your contest of a parking citation, I will be open and authentic in my communication, to foster participative activism in contesting your citation where feasible, and to confront issues for effective problem solving. Where an approach is feasible under the circumstances, it will be suggested. The Assessment is provided for educational and research purposes only, and is not legal advice, nor is it in any way represented or to be construed as such.

Allan Jon Kretzmar